Benefits of Using Fiberglass Flag Poles

Some people never hang flags not even once in year, not even during a partriotism event. For most of us, business is a usual thing when there is an event. Others hang flags throughout the year to market their businees businesses or for team spirit and show it to the world. Whatever the reason, and whatever the flag, it is worth considering what type of pole to use. In other words, you want to think about the material the flag pole is made of.

Why Use a fiberglass flag pole?

This is probably something that many people never thought of; the flag itself occupies most of our thoughts. However, the point is, you have a choice: fiberglass or metal. These are just a few of the many reasons to choose a fiberglass pole over a metal pole.

Weather and UV resistant

Unlike metal poles, fiberglass poles are resistant to sun damage, moisture, and corrosion. Metal flags, when painted, fade much faster and more severely than a fiberglass flag. With a fiberglass pole, the color is part of the material, rather than a coat of paint on the surface. All of these factors mean that fiberglass flag poles require almost no maintenance.


However, the attraction of most people is weight. Fiberglass poles are much lighter than metal poles, which means they are much easier to set up and install, and much easier to take down when putting the pole away.


Safety is another factor to consider when purchasing a fiberglass flagpole. A metal pole can be a significant hazard because it attracts lightning. On the other hand, fiberglass flag poles do not conduct electricity and can, therefore, be installed anywhere with impunity.

Final verdict!

Fiberglass is a wonderfully durable material, but it is also much more flexible than metal. Metal poles can fail even in moderately strong winds. Most fiberglass flag poles are designed to withstand much higher wind speeds than their metal counterparts, meaning you won’t have to remove your flag pole when a storm approaches.